Clothes Fuzz RemoverIn the wrong hands or with the wrong fabric type, a clothes fuzz remover can be a bad thing to have around. If you are not going to use caution when using these, then it is best not to even have one. There are certain types of fabric that you should avoid using these on in the first place. If you are ever worried that you are going to damage your items, it is best not to try because your own nervousness can work against you.

Most of these are not dangerous to your clothing and there is only so much that they can remove. However, if you have a sweater or other item that has a lot of details or a lot of sewn on ornamentation, you might want to use other methods of keeping them fuzz free. They can catch on these items and pull them loose and in most cases, that means the whole design will be lost. You have just ruined an entire sweater because of a few lint balls.

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The most popular are the little, handheld models. They have a circular area that is meant to shave off the balls and a little plastic cup that catches everything that you have cut off. These work well with a variety of sweaters and materials and are usually very safe to use. Of course, if you are over using them, or you are not paying attention to the condition of your sweater before you get started, then you are not going to have good results. Regardless, any damage is not caused by the device itself.

If you are worried about using one, consider this: which is worse, not wearing the sweater because it is covered in lint and you no longer like the way it looks or not wearing the sweater because you tore a big hole in it trying to remove the fuzzy appearance with a pair of scissors? If you can save a sweater from the rag bag, then isn’t it worth it to at least try? If you are not wearing a sweater in the first place, then you aren’t risking anything by trying to use one.

In the end, you have to decide how far you will go to get a few more wears out of an item. With our favorites, we will stop at nothing to keep being able to wear them. In the battle to keep our outfits out of the rag bag, the clothes fuzz remover is a helpful tool.

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