De Fuzz ItYour clothes cost a lot of money, and in order to keep them looking new, especially knits, you need to use a De Fuzz It sweater and comb tool. This handy little tool, which is very inexpensive, is going to help you save a lot of money, because it will help you to keep your clothing looking new, and the colors will stay bright and fresh looking. Sweaters and other knit fabrics get lint built up over time, and the more they are washed and dried, the more lint builds up. This is known as pilling. This will shave that lint right off quickly and easily.

No Harm to Your Clothing

Many people try to get rid of the little lint balls on their knits by scraping them off with a razor blade. While this does work, it can be a slow and tricky process. You need to make sure that you have a very light touch, or you will end up slicing right through the fabric and ruining the article of clothing you are trying to save. You won’t have this problem with this, because it is made to slice off the pilling, while protecting the garment from damage.

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How It Works

Basically, it is like a comb and a razor combined. The teeth of the comb are longer than the blade, so the blade just picks up the lint balls, and never comes into contact with the fabric beneath. Once you have removed pilling from a garment a few times, the thread fibers will all be the same length, making it unlikely that the garment will ever have a pilling problem again.

There are some fabrics that tend to pill more than others, and these are the fabrics that this defuzzing gadget works best on. It does not work well on fabrics like cotton, silk, rayon and others that are light and smooth. The fabrics that this comb works best on are soft and often fuzzy, and include:

— Wool
— Acrylic
— Cashmere
— Felt
— Knits

Lint removers are a good thing to have when you have a lot of clothes that are made from knit fabrics. In addition to the above fabrics, this also works well on velvet, velour and corduroy.

Keeping your clothes looking new is easy to do when you know how to take care of them properly. In addition to washing them according to the instructions on the labels, and storing them properly in closets and drawers, you can make sure your knits look great by using a De Fuzz It to remove the lint balls that make clothing look old and dull.

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  1. D.M. Davis-Sparbanie

    I love it. I had (2) but gave one to my daughter-in-law…OMG! she misplaced it so I gave her
    my last one. Went to a few stores and cannot find them..
    Please….I have to have them again…..THEY ARE THE BEST!

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