Fuzz RemoverUsing a fuzz remover can keep your clothes, especially your favorite sweaters and other items looking newer and fresher for longer. The simple act of wearing your clothes can start to break down the fibers and will lead to the pulled strings, the loose threads and the appearance of fuzz balls right from the first day, but that is not all. After we are done wearing these things, we do one of three things to them.

The first option is to chuck that sweater or other clothing item into the wash where it is subjected to harsh and harmful chemicals. Even if we hand wash these things, the fibers are still twisted and broken down in such a way that the fuzz balls are inevitable. The second option might be even worse: thinking we are protecting the clothing item, we drive it down to the dry cleaner where even harsher chemicals are used to clean it. Or, and this is done more often that we all care to admit, we don’t wash the item, but instead stick it in the closet with everything else. If we only wore it briefly, it might not be that bad, but the oils and sweat from our bodies, the lotions and perfumes that we wear and anything else that happened to that sweater all work to destroy it from the inside out.

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Using these to shave off those random little strings and the puffy little balls of broken material can keep you from having to throw away your favorite sweaters. It will also keep you from looking like you found that sweater at the bottom of a bargain bin. Think of how much you spent on your favorite clothing item. Divide that amount by the number of times that you have worn it; that gives you the cost of the item over its lifetime. If you are finding that more of your clothes are costing more than you are wearing them, you might ask yourself why that is. If you are donating bags of barely worn clothing, then that is one thing, but if you are tossing clothes into the garbage because they just look so ratty, it is time to pull out this device and save a few of those items.

Before you attack just any sweater with these things, keep in mind that highly ornamental sweaters, the kind with beads and sequins may not be able to be saved this way. For the other sweaters in your wardrobe, though, you can use a good fuzz remover to keep them looking fresh and new for as long as you have them.

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