Lint BrushA lint brush is used to easily get lint, hair, and almost any other item off of your clothes by using a sticky substance.

You simply roll the brush over the surface where the particles are sticking to your clothes and they are then transferred to the brush. This is surly a must have for someone who must have an immaculate appearance. You can find them at most grocery stores, drug stores and even the dollar store. There is also a disposable version you can buy that has a piece of tape on it and once you are done with it you simply peel away the tape to expose the next piece of tape. You should not spend any more than five dollars.

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These can also be used for other things like your couch, shoes, or places that are really hard to reach with the vacuum to get dust or dog hair off of any surface. The place you will probably use it the most will be on dark clothing or other dark items because with dark colors it is easier to see particles like lint and hair. Also, if you do not get your clothes dry cleaned that usually are supposed to be then this will add the final touch to make the outfit look its’ best. Remember that you cannot use on a wet surface because it will not work as well as if the surface was dry.

If you are not using a disposable model then eventually you must clean the one you have by emptying it. To do that you first want to take a wet, not soaked, washcloth and gently rub it on the surface where the lint is and this way most of the big pieces will be removed. Then you want to wait until it is dry and take a piece of heavy duty tape and push it firmly onto the brush.

Doing this will make the lint stick to the tape and not the brush because the brush is more like a cloth type material. Then take the piece of tape off slowly so all is removed. Now it is ready to be used again and you do not have to dispose of it or buy a new one like if you were using a disposable one. Having one of these could save you a lot of time in the morning when you are running late. Your kids might even find it handy to use so their clothes look nice. After a while you will also find that the lint brush will not only get rid of foreign particles but it will also gently press out some of the wrinkles in your clothes if you forgot to iron.

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