Lint ShaverDid you know that you can extend the life of your clothes just by using a lint shaver? These handy little gadgets are used to remove lint and little balls or pills from clothing. It is the balls that can make your fabrics look old and ragged, even if it is newer. Clothing that is especially susceptible to getting these are sweaters, knits, and other woven fabrics. When you use a shaver, you can literally shave the balls off the clothing, making items look new again and you will be proud to wear them.

Remove More than Just Lint

You can remove much more than just lint when you use these. For instance, if you have pets, your clothing is sure to have plenty of pet hair all over it. These tools can be used to remove pet hair, which can be really difficult to get rid of otherwise. Typical lint brushes don’t always work on pet hair, but shavers work wonderfully. These tools also work to get rid of other things, including loose pieces of thread and other things that will stick to clothing that don’t necessarily need to be washed to be removed.

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Get One for Yourself, and Some for Gifts

Clothing shavers are relatively inexpensive, and you can get them at many different locations, including department stores, drug stores and even in some grocery stores that sell general merchandise. You can even find them for sale at some clothing stores (usually at the counter as impulse items). You can get these that look like little combs, or other models that are battery operated, usually using AA batteries which you can purchase at the same time you get your shaver(s). These gadgets are so cheap that you should get a few. That way you have a couple for yourself, and you can give some away to others as stocking stuffers or for other gifts.

Always Look Your Best

Whether you are hanging out with friends or heading out for an important job interview, you should always strive to look your best. If you have little lint balls all over, you are not going to be very successful in looking great. Always carry this around with you, because you never know when you will need to brush away lint, hair, etc. from your clothing. They are small enough to be put in a pocket or a purse, and they can be used pretty much anywhere.

Not Just for Clothing

You know how a shaver can help keep your clothes looking good for longer periods of time, but did you know that you can also use them to keep your furniture looking great? You can use them to keep sofas and chairs clean of pet hair, lint and other dirt, and they are also great to use in the car to keep the upholstery clean. You can use a lint shaver in your home, in the car, and to keep your clothing looking new.

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