Sweater DefuzzerAs you get ready for the evening, you pull out the sweater defuzzer because you just know that you are going to need it for your favorite top. Pulling it out of the closet, you can see that you are in fact, correct. You do need to defuzz it and fast, but you want to make sure that you are doing it safely as well. We pay enough for our clothes that we rarely want to take foolish risks with them and while we can be extra careful with the clothes that we wear, we cannot avoid all of the fuzz that can occur, especially with certain sweaters.

Lint balls happen when the fibers start to break down. There are certain materials that are faster to break down than others, but eventually, virtually every type of fabric will have some type of issue. If there only a few of these fuzzies, you can simply pull them off by hand; however, if there are more than a few, you will need something more efficient and effective. Don’t run the risk of destroying the top by using scissors or even worse, razors to cut these off. You will end up with one that has both lint balls and holes.

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Washing by hand and then laying them flat to dry can slow down some of the fuzz ball action, but won’t prevent it completely. You can also minimize the damage by using the right kind of detergent, opting for something mild that will not break down the fibers. If you wear a lot of sweaters, it is a good idea to invest in a quality device, one that is designed to remove all of the balls while protecting the garment from damage. Look for one that has a small catching cup that prevents you from making a giant mess and make sure that you are working in small sections as directed.

There are several types on the market, including a few that are powered, usually by batteries. Unless you are going to defuzz every sweater that you own at the same time, these are not actually necessary. The hand held models are perfect because you can control how much you are removing, preventing the damage that you might get with the other kind. There are some other clothing items that get these balls on them, and you can certainly use your sweater defuzzer on these clothing items as well.

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